Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Day 9 - A little late...

Well we are a little late on  Day 9 & 10's post.  Been a crazy week at work.  We got 4 BOC's at the office.  3 BOC's and 1 April Fools Adventure Crap.  We got t-shirts in those that we will post.  They are funny shirts!  Not because there funny shirts but because there all too small!!!  One was a womans shirt.  I will post those tomorrow.

Jon - From Your Sink Since 1900
DOW: December 6, 2008

Steven - Pirate Excercise
DOW: March 1, 2009
Derby: Excercise

Robby - X-Ray Fiesta
DOW: May 4, 2009 
Derby: Pinata

Date Range: December 08 - May 09 

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Notes about blog:

DOW = Date shirt was originally on woot.

Derby = A weekly contest shirt.woot has where they pick a theme and users submit shirt designs for people to vote on.

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