Thursday, April 1, 2010

Day 6 - Our first duplicate

Well, it took us 6 days but we have our first case of two of us wearing the same shirt.  This happens a lot with us all wearing woot shirts everyday.  My twin brother and I decided it was a day for "Playing God".  Here are the pics for today.  Another one of my favorite shirts on today (you will find out I have a lot of favorites).  Pocket Dinosaur.  I like to call it "Pocket Protector".  It's a geek thing I suppose.

Jon - Playing God
DOW: 03/12/09

Steven - Playing God
DOW: 03/12/09

Robby - Pocket Dinosaur
aka Pocket Protector
DOW: 11/23/08

Today's date range:  11/08 - 03/09

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