Friday, April 2, 2010

Day 7 - 2 of us 30, one on his way

My twin brother and I are 30 today, so this brings a special edition today.  We have a Rock 'Em Sock 'Em, an optimist, and No One's Perfect.  Notice Jon received the game Rock Em Sock Em Robots from his family this morning so thought it was fitting to wear the shirt.  Yesterday was filled with pranks of all kinds.  One of the tech's we work with is a "chicken pecker" as in typing that is.  So we swapped his A & S key, we also hooked up a USB extension cable to his mouse so every once in a while his mouse would go crazy.  Was a fun day.  Well now for the shirts.

Jon - The Convenient Tiny Chair
Derby Theme: Individualism
DOW: 02/22/09

Steven - Nobody's Perfect
DOW: 01/14/08

Robby - Easy Optimism
Derby Theme: Optimism
DOW: 12/20/08

Today's Date Range: 01/08 - 02/09

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Notes about blog:
DOW = Date shirt was originally on woot.
Derby = A weekly contest shirt.woot has where they pick a theme and users submit shirt designs for people to vote on.

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