Thursday, April 8, 2010

Day 11 - Stronger Color Turtle

Today's shirt brings us True Color, a Curious Turtle and a very smart cat.  Been a long day so yet another night post!  I try to keep up with these things but it gets hard with a busy schedule.  Funny thing about today's shirts.  One of the little girls on Jon's baseball team said, "That shirt was on ICarly!".  Woot shirts are officially famous.  On to the shirts... PS, gonna post 2 today since we have a special edition Day 11 B - BAG OF CRAP SHIRTS!  Stay tuned...

Jon - Finding Technicolor
DOW: April 21, 2008
Derby: N/A
Steven - Curious Turtle
DOW: July 25, 2008
Derby: Emergency
Robby - What's for Dinner?
DOW: February 26, 2010
Derby: Faster, Higher, Stronger

Date Range: April 08 - February 10

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Notes about blog:

DOW = Date shirt was originally on woot.

Derby = A weekly contest shirt.woot has where they pick a theme and users submit shirt designs for people to vote on.

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