Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Day 40 - Sun Test

Day 40, wow, 40 days in now.  If you notice, we have our first wearing of a shirt that has already been worn.  This is because on this day Jon was having his right kidney removed and it was only fitting to be wearing his Anatomy Test shirt.  PS - Surgery went great, all cancer was contained inside the kidney.  WOOOHOOOO!  Praise GOD!  I forgot to take my pic that day with how crazy of a day it was.  OPPS!

Jon - Anatomy Test

Steven - Army in My Pocket

Robby - Sun of Kabuki

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Notes about blog:
DOW = Date shirt was originally on woot.
Derby = A weekly contest shirt.woot has where they pick a theme and users submit shirt designs for people to vote on.

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