Thursday, March 25, 2010

Day 1 - It has Begun

Well day one has begun.  We have a mixture of shirts today.  Our woot selection for today is:

Jon - The Choice Was Not Hard
09/05/08 - Original Date on shirt.woot

Robby - Nevermore (Currently a Reckoning shirt)
03/28/08 - Original Date on shirt.woot

Steven - Some Motivation Required (Currently a Reckoning shirt)
02/20/09 - Original Date on shirt.woot

Shirts ranged from March of 08 thru February of 09.

So one day down, so which shirt do you like best??? Would you buy it? Comments are welcome!


  1. Aunt Barb just bought her first woot shirt, Some Exercise Required. Go Aunt Barb, careful it's addicting!

  2. I love the Some Motivation Required shirt. My dad has it. :)